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It often requires the courage to face tough decisions, to speak up, and stand by what we believe and achieving the best outcomes for all our clients and earning their respect.

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We try and work with all our associates and individuals to try and realize more together. We believe in each other to carry out our respective commitments.


We attain the utmost ethical standards to earn the trust of others. We respect each other and all those we work with. We are responsible for all the decisions, major or minor, we make and the significance it has on all those around us.


We monitor and advocate the standards and procedures we set for our company. We are committed to quality and improvements in all we undertake. We take our client’s feedback seriously and if something is improper we ensure we rectify it.

B&F Realty is Goa’s leading reliant and most trusted brands in the real estate sector of real estate development thanks to its owner’s credentials and expertise, with more than 15 projects in the last 15 years. The company has been involved in property acquisition since 1975 and upon the advent of the next-gen in 2002 entered into real estate development.
B&F Group is now a multi-faceted company with its core business being residential & commercial development. Since 2013 B&F has a diverse portfolio across businesses and resource types comprising of manufacturing and distribution industries that are vertically integrated into its core. These encompass leisure and hospitality, tissue paper manufacturing, kitchen studio & interior design, natural stone exports, property portfolio management alongside rental and leasing services.

The development group is controlled and financed by Mr. José Braganza, Mr. Vinay Fulari, and Mr. Ramsi Mirpuri currently owning a real estate portfolio of approx. INR 200cr and current company turnover in excess of INR 75cr. We have developed and delivered in excess of 440 Units to date covering 40,000 sq mtr.

The Group Management’s Guiding Principles Are Based Upon The Infamous Saying Of Reverend Martin Luther King:–
“Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.”

“We are determined in our quest to improve. And Above all, we care for our environment”
MBF Management

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B&F Realty is a well known Real Estate company in Mapusa North Goa. Most of our projects comprises of apartments, posh villas and farmhouses across North Goa.

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Mapusa , Goa 403507 India

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