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Director’s Message

Message From Our Directors

Message From The Directors:

This has been another year of excellent progress for the Company, delivering significantly improved financial returns, and continuing to invest in an organised and structured manner towards future growth.

The Indian Property market though subdued remains active for new homes and remains strong in Goa compared to the rest of India Against this strong market scenario we are continuing to advance in our own progress (projects) and developments across all our businesses. We continue to be-focused on a rapid ROI and with expansion into new verticals and businesses to spruce up targets and drive up returns.

The fact that we delivered our highest completion projects for the 10 years whilst continuing to be at forefront in terms of quality and customer service standards is a great testament of our business modeland the dedication of our team.

This testament is also reflected year over year with75% of our home owners continuing to recommend us to a friend – an exceptional accomplishment in this competitive industry.

We are well on the way to hitting our FY17 targets with improved gross margins and with up scale projects in sought after and desired residential locations of Goa.Our offering are not only apt for the locals but for also for the HNI’s seeking investment opportunities.

At the same time as delivering an excellent financial performance, and returns to our buyers we have continued to invest for the future despite the land market being fraught with issues we have managed to enter into strategic Joint Venture agreements therefore ensuring continuity and a stronger presence for the long term.

Our business policy of strategic tie ups along with the expansion of our business portfolio together with our business model ensures that the Company remains both strong and dynamic